Esoteric Alternatives

We are a new up-and-coming cannabis company looking for people who will grow with our business. We have multiple locations and are rapidly growing. This company is family-owned and operated by a tight-knit group of people with good company culture. We are not owned by a larger company nor have we accepted investment money. The feeling when you work here is that you're family. This is important to us. The advantage of being part of our team is that we enjoy what we do which makes going to work pleasant.

We are so lucky to be on the ground floor of this explosive industry. Anyone that is with us now will surely be here when we're at the top. Currently, we have four mixed-light licenses, one nursery license and are in the permitting process of several others. We are finally beginning the building process of multiple commercial structures where we will be able to process for other farms, press rosin, package, make pre-rolls, promote and distribute.