Join the future of edible cannabis

What if your favorite edible or drink could work in 10-20 minutes, have almost no cannabis flavor, and deliver market-leading consistent highs?

Welcome to Natuur, where we help the best edibles in the world to be even better.


Mission & Values


Customer loyalty has never been more important to cannabis than it is today. We're here to enable more infusers and manufacturers to provide reliable and consistent nano-tech edibles to their customers.


Our proprietary THC powder is plant-based and vegan, so there's no guesswork when you're infusing our THC into your edibles. Plus, we won't add common allergens or unappealing additives to your end products!


Cannabis shouldn't be intimidating, especially for new consumers. That's why we developed proprietary THC to make your edibles more approachable. Natuur enables you to make precision-dosed, fast-acting edibles whether in small batches or at scale.


Shelf life matters. Whether you're infusing our THC into edibles today or twelve months down the line, our nano-tech will deliver the same, consistent results and benefits day in and day out. We know consistency is key and we're here to help you achieve it.