General Manager - Buchanan

Location: Buchanan, MI

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Job Posted
Mar 27, 2024
Company: TerrAscend

Company & Role Overview



  • Provide departmental leadership to assure that all departmental operations such as product dispensing, cash management, inventory management, inventory auditing, outreach, marketing, and ordering are functioning with integrity and in the most cost-efficient, compassionate, and compliant manner
  • Performing monthly, quarterly, and annual sales reviews and providing suggestions for improvement to the Director of Retail, leading and comply with quarterly audits and inspections
  • Responsible for reviewing, maintaining, and updating all departmental SOPs and assuring that any changes are communicated to employees and that the most recent SOP versions are available 24/7 for planned and unplanned audits by regulators and organization management
  • Responsible for training, supervising, and evaluating all departmental employees to assure compliance with departmental SOPs
  • Responsible for overseeing and ensuring cash management procedures are being followed including, transacting, opening, closing, depositing, reporting, maintaining and reconciling cash and all departmental SOPs
  • Responsible for overseeing and ensuring dispensing procedures are happening in compliance with State Regulations; act as the first point of contact with local regulatory representatives
  • Responsible for interfacing with managers in all departments to ensure the smooth running of the store
  • Ensuring reportable events are communicated to the state and proper recordkeeping is taking place
  • Ensuring proper management of pre-packaged inventory and inventory movement between the vault and dispensing stations. Overseeing and ensuring nightly audits & 30-day audits are being conducted in conjunction with all departments


  • Bachelor's Degree in business or related field preferred
  • 3+ years experience working in a regulated cannabis distribution center required
  • Expert level knowledge of medical and recreational cannabis products
  • 5-7 years in progressively responsible retail experience, including at least three years in a management position
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent reporting skills
  • Experience in inventory management and reconciliation
  • Proficient computing skills

Working Environment

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