How To Work At A Dispensary In Florida

How to get licensed or badged to work in the cannabis industry in your state:
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Cannabis Licensing in Florida

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Cannabis Job Market Overview:

Florida launched their medical cannabis market in 2017, and it has since grown into a $1.5 billion industry, with some experts expecting that number to double in 2022. With about 400 dispensaries throughout the state, Florida now has over half-a-million registered medical marijuana patients. The cannabis industry supports nearly 26,000 jobs in the state, according to the 2022 Leafly Jobs Report.

A controversial ballot measure to legalize adult-use cannabis in Florida could make the 2024 ballot.

Cannabis Job Requirements & Application Process:

While no specific cards or licenses are required to be employed by a licensed cannabis facility, there are a few restrictions.

"All employees of a medical marijuana treatment center must be 21 years of age or older and have passed a background screening..." 2020 Florida Statutes, Medical Use of Marijuana

Cannabis Job Background Check Requirements:

"An individual required to undergo a background screening pursuant to this section must pass a level 2 background screening as provided under chapter 435, which, in addition to the disqualifying offenses provided in s. 435.04, shall exclude an individual who has an arrest awaiting final disposition for, has been found guilty of, regardless of adjudication, or has entered a plea of nolo contendere or guilty to an offense under chapter 837, chapter 895, or chapter 896 or similar law of another jurisdiction." 2020 Florida Statutes, Medical Use of Marijuana

Additional background check requirements:

  • "Such individual must submit a full set of fingerprints to the department or to a vendor, entity, or agency authorized by s. 943.053. The department, vendor, entity, or agency shall forward the fingerprints to the Department of Law Enforcement for state processing, and the Department of Law Enforcement shall forward the fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for national processing."
  • Fees for state and federal fingerprint processing and retention shall be borne by the individual. The state cost for fingerprint processing shall be as provided in s. 943.053 for records provided to persons or entities other than those specified as exceptions therein.
  • Fingerprints submitted to the Department of Law Enforcement pursuant to this subsection shall be retained by the Department of Law Enforcement as provided in s. 943.05 and, when the Department of Law Enforcement begins participation in the program, enrolled in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s national retained print arrest notification program. Any arrest record identified shall be reported to the department.
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