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How to get licensed or badged to work in the cannabis industry in your state:
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Cannabis Licensing in New Jersey

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Cannabis Job Market Overview:

New Jersey has both a medical and adult-use cannabis program. As of June 2022, New Jersey has begun accepting and issuing licenses for adult-use retailers, manufacturers, cultivators, and testing laboratories.

Currently the state has issued 37 cultivator licenses. However, as of February 2023, only 11 companies were operating for both medical and adult-use sales, and 6 others are medical only

Cannabis Job Requirements & Application Process:

As of May 1, 2023, New Jersey has released their N.J. Admin. Code § 17:30-7.12 which outlines the requirements for individuals working at cannabis dispensaries and in other plant-touching roles in the state. However, it is unclear when the official application will be opened – We expect when it goes live it will be found on the Official Site of the State of New Jersey's Cannabis Regulatory Commission

Each owner, principal, employee, or volunteer of a cannabis business or testing laboratory, etc. are required to provide written consent to submit to a criminal history background check and to get their fingerprints taken.

Cannabis Job Background Check Requirements:

Convictions that will disqualify applicants include:

  • Booby traps in manufacturing or distribution facilities
  • Employing a juvenile in a drug distribution operations
  • Distribution to persons under 18
  • Counterfeit drugs, medical devices
  • Delivering drug paraphernalia to person under 18

However, it is also noted in the legislation that "above shall not be disqualified on the basis of any disqualifying conviction disclosed by a criminal history record background check if the person has affirmatively demonstrated to the Commission clear and convincing evidence of rehabilitation."

Factors that are considered in the demonstration of rehabilitation by the Commission include:

  • The nature and responsibility of the position that the person with a conviction would hold, has held, or currently holds at the organization
  • The nature and seriousness of the crime or offense
  • The circumstances under which the crime or offense occured
  • The date of the crime or offense
  • The age of the person when the crime or offense was committed
  • Whether the crime or offense was an isolated or repeated incident
  • Any social conditions that may have contributed to the commission of the crime or offense
  • Any evidence of rehabilitation
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