Aperture Brands

APERTURE BRANDS, founded in 2018, is cannabis brand house with manufacturing, distribution and delivery capabilities. We create and curate premium, consumer-centric brands.

Operating in a state-of-the-art facility in Culver City, we develop and manufacture meaningful products that we distribute wholesale as well as through our in-house delivery service via our compliant e-commerce system. // We are building teams for the following operations: // APERTURE BRANDS: +Manufacturing +Distribution +Delivery +Compliance and Operations +E-Commerce +Marketing // DREW MARTIN: (www.drewmartin.co) A curated blend of sun-grown cannabis and globally inspired botanicals, we created our pre-rolls to be shared among friends. They’re expertly crafted to be unlike anything you’ve ever tasted and deliberately low dose so you're always in the room. // CLOUD11: (www.cloud11.co) The highest quality chocolates on the market, our artfully infused cannabis confections are hand-crafted and deliberately low dose, sourcing the highest quality ingredients and using the highest-touch kitchen techniques to offer a truly luxury edible experience.