Green Growth CPAs

We are the leading CPA firm focused on the cannabis industry in the United States. We are a fast-growing company with a start-up mentality, having doubled in revenue and size over the last three years. Unlike most CPA firms that are bound by geolocation, our clients are remote and spread throughout all 18 legalized states: the markets we serve are limited only by the laws restricting cannabis legalization.

Cannabis is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing industries in the United States, exceeding $17.5B in sales in 2020 and projected to surpass $43B by 2025. GreenGrowth CPAs has positioned itself as the leading expert in tax, financial, and audit services for cannabis companies.

Our commitment to providing detailed, accurate and regular content focused on solutions to the financial and accounting complexities of the cannabis industry has helped us earn the trust of current and future clients and has helped our brand become well-known within the cannabis business world.