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Learning Evolution, in collaboration with Western Michigan University's renowned Food Marketing department, presents an unparalleled opportunity for both students and job seekers. Our 100% online Cannabis Marketing Certification, Professional Category Management Certifications (Level 1 & 2), and the exclusive Fox Selling System with 'Fox Certified' sales, key account and manager (coaches) training programs, are your gateways to thrive in the Cannabis, CPG food & beverage, and Retail industries. Elevate your credentials, stand out in the job market, and chart a trajectory towards your dream career. Invest in learning that propels you forward.


Mission & Values


Empowering generations with technology-driven learning, we envision a world where knowledge not only enriches lives but builds skills, fosters growth, collaboration, and success in every individual. We aspire to lead the EdTech frontier, ensuring a prosperous and meaningful future for all stakeholders.


To harness the power of technology to create innovative, relevant, and impactful learning solutions. With over two decades of dedication, we aim to provide our clients and business partners with unparalleled value, ensuring financial security and stability. Every program, every service is a testament to our commitment to quality education and the betterment of our community.


Integrity and Truth: We stand by the authenticity of our products, services, and commitments. Always fact-based, always honest.

Innovation: Passionate about learning and technology, we continually seek groundbreaking ideas to enhance the learning experience.

Partnership: Our strength lies in our collaborations. We believe in mutual growth and the power of synergies.

Empowerment: We strive to empower not just our students, but our employees, associates, and business partners, creating opportunities for all.

Legacy: Our actions today shape the future. We invest in creating a lasting positive impact on individuals and communities.

Respect for All: Rooted in our belief in a higher power and the vastness of the universe, we uphold respect for every individual, every idea, and every belief.

Community: Drawing inspiration from the Midwest values, we are dedicated to enriching our community, nurturing relationships, and ensuring prosperity for all.

Benefits & Perks

401(k) with Company Match
Career Advancement
Career Training
Dental, Medical, & Vision Benefits
Education Reimbursement
Flexible Time Off / Unlimited Vacation
Free Snacks / Drinks
Life Insurance
Mentor Programs
Paid Parental Leave
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