M Plant Productions, Inc

Background: M Plant Productions is a Type 6 extraction and manufacturing company located in Santa Rosa, CA. The food grade, 19,200 square foot facility completed construction in mid-2019. Our current product lines include The Root of it AllTM topicals and tinctures, MistifiTM vape pens, and Tough MamaTM infused pre-rolls and vape carts. We are starting a Type 11 distribution operation to maximize utilization of our large warehouse space and optimize our supply chain;

Our Mission is to develop and produce demonstrably better products and brands that deliver outstanding quality, efficacy, reliability and experiences;

Our Vision is to create the leading trust-marks for cannabis and CBD consumers;

Our Values: Innovative, Entrepreneurial, Collaborative, Customer centric, Principled ;

Websites: https://therootofitall.com https://www.rootusa.com https://mistifi.com