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CannaBlendz is the first (and only) botanical supplement for cannabis -- creating an enhanced and healthier cannabis experience. So whether your given goal/intention of cannabis is to improve creativity, recovery, stamina or focus, there is a CannaBlendz formula to meet your needs. In-Market research showed that over 90% of cannabis users loved the concept, and 82% of triers wanted to repurchase it after using the product!

As a delicious fruit chew/cube, people take two CannaBlendz cubes along with their own cannabis and formats of your choice (flower, vape, gummies). And not only does CannaBlendz enhance your cannabis experience but the rare botanicals (Adaptions) stay in your body to continue to fight stress in the days that follow usage -- so it does make it a healthier high.

If a dispensary sees 200 customers a day, they might sell 100 of them flower, 40 of them vape, and 60 of them buy gummies. But all 200 customers could be CannaBlendz purchasers -- since we make all cannabis products better!


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