Welcome to Plasma

Welcome to Plasma, where we're focused on creating the best cannabis products and brands in its class. We've achieved perfect synergy through a collaboration between Natura, the leading cannabis facility in California, and UFO, a cutting-edge creative agency. This has resulted in a powerhouse that can deliver exceptional products with unmatched quality, consistency, and innovation, with custom-made solutions for everything from vape hardware to packaging.

Our products are designed to appeal to both experienced cannabis connoisseurs and newcomers, with a focus on gaining respect and interest from all audiences.

At Plasma, we're proud to be at the forefront of digital art, music, video/photography, and cannabis education. Our visual style draws inspiration from architecture, contemporary art, and music.

We're excited to announce the launch of our first two products: live rosin extract (available now in four strains) and live resin disposable vapes (dropping June 1st).

Join us at Plasma as we push boundaries and continue to create the best cannabis brand in the industry.


Benefits & Perks

Career Advancement
Flexible Time Off / Unlimited Vacation
Inclusive Environment
Relaxed / Casual Dress Code
Work From Home / Remote