Project Releaf

Helping Patients Daily. Did you know that we serve nearly 1,000 patients on our best days and, since opening, have helped over 150,000 patients find the medicine they need? That’s more people than can fit in most stadiums. But it’s also fewer than the number of people that swiped left on our dating profile...But that’s not important. Let’s focus on the stadium thing. That’s a lot of people!

What We Offer. We offer a wide variety of products and brands. We have 338 unique flower strains, 113 unique shake strains, 32 unique edible vendors and 57 unique concentrate and vape vendors in addition to a combined 18 suppliers for topicals, tinctures, capsules, suppositories and transdermal patches. Those are numbers, folks. And you can’t argue with numbers. Mostly because they have no personalities. Or mouths for that matter. But also because they’re quantifiable facts.

All day. Every day. So, why pay more? The next time you need releaf (relief), swing on by your friendly neighborhood 24-hour superstore, Project Releaf, and join the thousands of satisfied patients who found the perfect medical marijuana solution.