Quality Roots Inc. - Hiring NOW!

Quality Roots Inc. is continuing to grow itself in the Michigan cannabis industry (no pun intended) and is excited to announce several new opportunities to join our team. We are seeking passionate industry leaders to elevate our corporate management positions. We also seek top class general managers to lead dispensary sale operations and patient care specialist (budtenders) to sell our products to the communities we serve.


Mission & Values

01 - Corporate Responsibility

To supply patients and customers with the absolute highest quality medical and recreational marijuana available.

02 - Corporate Responsibility

To maintain rigorous quality assurance standards.

03 - Corporate Responsibility

To provide exceptional patient and customer care services with an emphasis on education.

04 - Corporate Responsibility

To support our local community as a responsible, ethical and engaged marijuana facility operation.

Benefits & Perks

Career Advancement
Company Discounts
Dental, Medical, & Vision Benefits
Free Snacks / Drinks
Inclusive Environment
Life Insurance
Relaxed / Casual Dress Code
Short-Term & Long-Term Disability

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