Post-Harvest Technician

Location: Taunton, MA

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Job Posted
Jun 21, 2024
Company: TILT Holdings

Company & Role Overview




  • Stay up to date and comply with industry compliance standards set forth by the state of Massachusetts
  • Always adhere to all safety policies and wear appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Showing up each day being dependable, professional, and ready to work their entire scheduled shift.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning workstations may include grow/dry rooms
  • Carefully and efficiently trim at least two pounds of dry cannabis by the end of each shift
  • Buck cannabis from stalks while maintaining the integrity of the flower and removal/process of wasted material
  • Maintain proper inventory, adjustments, and allocations of harvest batches to uphold accuracy within the state-mandated tracking program
  • Perform tasks related to sanitation, decontamination, etc., in a highly productive and efficient manner
  • Separate and track cannabis buds, trim, stems, and plant material wasted. Filling out paperwork to record all data and verifying that the recorded data is accurate.
  • Communicate any abnormalities (mold, seeds, pests, etc.) found within the product to a manager or supervisor.
  • Accountability for any product worked on throughout the shift
  • Continue education on marijuana strains, products, and general industry knowledge on downtime
  • Help create a proactive and positive environment; having a positive attitude and self-motivation to help produce a high-quality manicured product while meeting and exceeding personal and company goals

Key Competencies:

  • Functional Acumen - Consistently shows comprehensive knowledge, skills, and abilities in the functional area(s) for which they are responsible and understand the fit with overall business goals
  • Emotional Intelligence - Consistently executes the four (4) principles of EQ (i.e., self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship management)
  • Intellectual Agility: Consistently evaluates challenges and opportunities from a variety of angles, taking in multiple inputs, and arrives at reasonable business decisions
  • Collaborate - Consistently maintains effective teaming relationships with internal parties and, as applicable, external parties
  • Dependable - Can be consistently trusted to execute their job responsibilities on time and within scope, and meets or exceeds targeted business results
  • Upholds Company Values - Consistently role models and supports execution of the Company's core values


  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Basic understanding of medical/recreational marijuana laws, rules, and regulations set forth by the state/CCC
  • Basic knowledge of how to use a scale
  • Analyzing material/products for any abnormalities
  • Ability to sit or stand for 8+ hours while continuing a repetitive task with your hands
  • Ability to multitask and pivot tasks quickly and effectively
  • Ability to adapt quickly to policy, procedure, methods, and technique changes
  • Cannabis knowledge/experience is a PLUS!
  • All candidates must be ready, willing, and able to work a fully flexible work schedule to include days, nights, and weekends to meet fluctuating business demands based on the individual department's needs
  • Every job applicant must pass a comprehensive background check, including the mandates of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. A job offer issued before the completion of a background check shall be contingent upon a positive result. A negative background check result may lead to a job offer withdrawal.

Working Conditions/Physical Demands:

  • able to lift 65 pounds and be able to maneuver between growing tables that are 24 inches apart and repeatedly carry 15-20 pounds the length of the warehouse/greenhouse
  • Able to stand for extended periods and kneel, stoop, bend, and twist in tight areas
  • Able to work in hot, humid environments for extended periods with exposure to dust, allergens, and water
  • Repetitive use of hands for all functions

TILT is an Equal Opportunity Employer Committed to DEI.

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