Lead Logistics Coordinator

Location: Ocala, FL

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Jun 26, 2024
Company: Curaleaf

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Planning, Data & Analysis

  • Participate in the coordination and execution of order fulfillment
  • Work directly with the Packaging Team(s), Sales Team, and Delivery Team(s)
  • Develop delivery schedules and route plans utilizing historical and future-looking data and to seek opportunities to enhance customer service and to reduce operating costs
  • Maintain strict and compliant inventory records of all inbound and outbound products
  • Perform basic inventory and miscellaneous data analysis as needed
  • Monitor schedule adherence, productivity, customer service, product integrity and safety performance of each route and delivery team
  • Log delivery data and perform delivery cycle recaps (route/drop efficiency, mileage, fuel costs, revenue per drop, etc.)
  • Using core metrics and key performance indicator data, achieve department quantity, quality, and productivity objectives

Logistics & Scheduling

  • Lead and understand all delivery logistics operations to include sales order review, route planning and communication
  • Coordinates order staging with the fulfillment team
  • Ensures transport vehicles are loaded and unloaded daily
  • Maintains timely communication to sales partners regarding deliveries, manifests, questions, and product returns
  • Maintain, adapt, and improve upon delivery times and schedules to maximize resources and minimize cost
  • Create, revise and publish delivery manifests
  • Utilize available tools to enhance the delivery experience
  • Analyze routing parameters and location geography and recommend enhancements to initiate fleet cost savings
  • Serve in an on-call capacity during delivery cycles working early, late, or extended hours to remain available to customers, stakeholders, and the delivery team(s)
  • Review customer demand volume and mix for routes and determine potential gains from revising routes


  • Ensures timely dispatch of communications of routes/schedules to the Fulfillment Team, Delivery Team(s), Sales Team, partners, and to the DOH
  • Coordinate daily communications between the facility, Delivery Team(s), and the DOH
  • Participate in communication between departments regarding movement of inventory, returns, and deliveries
  • Update metrics and distribute reports as needed
  • Participate in collaborative conference calls and sales meetings as needed to address routing and distribution issues
  • Support communication to the state with critical revisions and updates
  • Utilize communication tools (walkie-talkies, email, phone, company portals) to promote an effective interdepartmental workflow
  • Communicate planned vs. actual results and set the pace for the team


  • Proficient with Microsoft Office (especially Excel) and Google Maps
  • Learn and use various transportation and inventory tracking systems including MJ Freeway.
  • Support and maintain proficiency with inventory tracking and recordkeeping functions with the state seed-to-sale e-system MJ Freeway remaining in compliance with the Department of Health's rules and regulations.

Inventory Control

  • Learn and manage the Supply Chain functions in MJ Freeway
  • Ensure inventory transactions are entered expeditiously and with statuses updated
  • Track movement of finished packaged cannabis products through to completion of delivery
  • Participate in inventory cycle counting
  • Review, receive and process product returns adding inventory to MJ Freeway and internal databases
  • Receive and intake dispensary returns, third party items, vault consumables, etc. and maintain visual organization
  • Assist in destruction and tracking of dispensary returns
  • Perform unit count conversions, combinations, and adjustments to meet order fulfillment requirements and organizational/storage needs


  • Learn and maintain continual awareness and understanding of rules and regulations determined by the law and by the DOH, and ensure department remains fully compliant at all times
  • Report required information to the Compliance Department, Packaging Department, and to the DOH as necessary
  • Follow standard operating procedures (SOP) for all operations, ensuring adherence to company and regulatory compliance (proper weighing, data recording, product tracking, security, green waste disposal, etc.
  • Ensure that all product and orders are compliant to include packaging and required batch and content labeling
  • Maintain security protocols are maintained during delivery cycles


  • Maintain accurate and compliant internal records of documents/workbooks including schedules, invoices, manifests, vehicle information, and returns
  • Perform administrative duties such as data entry, data transmitting, phone answering, communication drafting, etc.


  • Schedule emergency and regular maintenance and repairs to ensure vehicles are safe, compliant, and roadworthy
  • Coordinate and/or perform fleet operator-level maintenance
  • Ensure vehicles are cleaned, sanitized and ready for use
  • Maintain awareness of vehicle conditions and status of critical documentation such as registration and safety inspection
  • Maintains and updates service records internally and in MJ Freeway
  • Monitor and maintain vehicle storage spaces and climate controls to ensure product integrity is maintained

Process Improvement

  • Serve as a proponent for critical continuous improvement, quality and occupational safety initiatives such as the 5S program and Hazard Communication
  • Perform quality audits and "ride alongs" to seek process improvement opportunities
  • Maintain 5S and sanitation standards (safety, organization, cleanliness, and compliance) within the van loading and order staging spaces
  • Ensure daily/weekly/monthly 5S and Sanitation Schedules are completed properly and on time. Serve as a champion for sanitation and bio-security
  • Train and coach team members in accordance with SOP, work instructions, process controls, etc.
  • Conduct performance gap analysis and identify obstacles to success (forms of waste, variation, etc.)
  • Participate in delivery calls and communicate with dispensary customers and driving teams to troubleshoot discrepancies and mitigate common errors
  • Engage in honest, innovative, problem solving dialogue

Current Curaleaf employees should use our internal job board to submit an application for current openings: https://app2.greenhouse.io/internal_job_board

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About Curaleaf

Curaleaf creates clean, reliable, trusted cannabis products for wellness and medical use. Our highly-skilled dispensary staff is trained—and dedicated!—to help you find just the right method and concentration to achieve your personal cannabis goals